R.E. Shaw Building Project

Thank you Town of Millbury for Approving the New R.E. Shaw Elementary School!

Estimated Project Bid Date: December 2020

Estimated Construction Period: Spring 2021 - Fall 2022

Estimated New Building Complete: June 2022

The Millbury Public School District has received approval from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to design a new grades 3 – 6 school facility for a certified enrollment of 550 students at 58 Elmwood Street (the site of the current Shaw School) . The MSBA has agreed to contribute between 24.2 to 24.7 million dollars of the project costs.

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Fast Facts about the New R.E. Shaw Building Project

-Building Square Footage: 90,266

(Current school: 76,437 sf)

-Grades: 3-6

(Current school: Gr. 4-6)

-LEED Silver Certified building systems

(high efficiency/sustainable design standards)

-STEM-focused learning spaces with new technology infrastructure

-Building design that maximizes student and staff safety

-Total Estimated Project Cost: $60,922,761

(includes design, construction, furniture and technology)

-Anticipated Maximum Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Share: $25,002,981

-Anticipated Maximum Town Share: $35,919,780

-Based on a $36 million bond for 30 years at a 3.75% fixed interest rate, the expected tax impact will be $1.21 per $1,000 assessed value.

Visit the FAQ and Documents pages for more facts about the Shaw Building Project